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Pages Not Yet Classifed After Upgrade
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Title Hits Comments Date Author
NT Backdoor Account Installer (3137 hits)
2005-02-17 Rich Burnham
RabNetTools (Binary)
Network Utilities Compiled Binary Release (2367 hits)
2005-02-20 Rich Burnham
Make your ghostrecon detected in ubi. (2041 hits)
2005-04-30 Rich Burnham
Plugin for performing Internet Utility Functions (2686 hits)
2005-02-20 Rich Burnham
DOS Offline NT Password Reseter (2668 hits)
2005-02-22 Rich Burnham
Get the Username Of a Process
Simple function to retrieve the username of a running process. (12219 hits)
2005-05-08 Rich Burnham
Check username/password against the system.
Programatically check a username and password with the system to make sure they are correct. (2789 hits)
2005-05-08 Rich Burnham
Adjust Privileges For A Process
A function to enable/disable privileges for processes. (3148 hits)
2005-05-08 Rich Burnham
Win32 Console cls() function.
A function like the DOS cls command for clearing the Console Screen. (2436 hits)
2005-05-08 Rich Burnham
Convert Binary To Hex String and Vice-Versa
Using Crypto API to convert binary to hex strings. (6681 hits)
2005-05-08 Rich Burnham
Force User Page Catagory
Disallow users below level 40 from selecting different catagory when adding pages. (2395 hits)
2005-05-15 Rich Burnham
Structure Recent Pages Output
Restructure the output of {PLUGIN_LASTESTPAGES} tag. (2145 hits)
2005-05-15 Rich Burnham
PathToPidl - Convert Path/File to ITEMIDLIST (pidl)
Convert any file or folder name to a PIDL (ITEMIDLIST) (4841 hits)
2005-08-19 Rich Burnham
Get UNC Path From Mapped Drive Letter
Get the full UNC network path from a Path with a Locally Mapped Drive. (6178 hits)
2005-08-20 Rich Burnham
Total transfer from your site in pages
(2259 hits)
2005-04-12 Blaz Zdesar
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