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Release Notes For : v1.1.0.2

File : MusicService_V1.1.0.2.zip
Date : 2006-04-21
    .:MusicService:. - Version 1

    Author  : Rich Burnham
    Date    : August 2005
    Web     : http://CodeBeetle.Com

Control your music from the LAN/Internet!

MusicService is a windows NT service that will play audio files 
from a playlist. It was designed so that music can be played 
on one computer and controlled (via HTTP) from another 
computer(s). The service runs even when one active user is 
logged on. So on system the boot the music can play even before 
any user has logged on.

The playlist and control of the music can be accessed through 
MusicService build in HTTP webserver. If more than one user
is accessing the MusicService the other persons actions will
be updated to the user. (eg: if the track/playlist changes)

This webserver (which can be password protected, using Basic 
Authentication) will pass a web page and a Flash control to 
the client.

This Flash control is used to gain access and control to the 

MusicService Features:
o   MusicService remembers the playlist/current track etc. 
    when it is restarted on boot.
o   Playlist can have up to 3000 tracks in it (depending
    on the system). And can loop continuosly for 24/7 
    if required.
o   Runs as a LocalSystem Service. And requires no 
    authentication to run.
o   Builtin HTTP/1.1 compliant(ish) web server.
o   Fully secure against path exploits.
o   Ability to protect access with WWW-Authenticate 
    (ie: Logon with usename/password).

Web Flash Control Features:
o   Control the MusicService player just like any other 
    media player.
        - eg: Play/Stop/Pause/Rewind/Back/Forward/Skip
o   Browse music files.
o   Add/remove tracks to the playlist.
o   Set repeat mode (None/Track/All/Random)
o   Set master Volume/Mute.
o   Auto/Manual query the MusicService for current status.
o   Displays Track name/length/position.
o   Slider to manually seek to a position on the track.
o   Tested on Internet Explorer 6 / FireFox 1.6 / Netscape 7

System Requirements:
Operating System    : Microsft Windows 2000/XP/2003
Memory              : 8Mb
HardDisk            : 1Mb
(for Internet Browsers)
Flash Plugin        : V.7 and above

Known Issues:
Because the service is ran on the LocalSystem Account. Access 
to folders/music tracks that require user authentication maybe 
restricted (ie: those at remote locations).

If the flash plugin on the browser is less that Version 7 then 
it won	 work. The flash control will ask you to navigate to
macromedia to download the latest player version.

Firefox browser don	 receive failed notifications of web 
cummunications. This will result in the control being disabled
on failure and you will need to refresh the browser to retry
connection to the MusicService host.

Web Flash Control Notes:
The flash control will send query packets to the MusicService
host at user defined intervals. Each packet is about 256 bytes
(for send and receive) making a total up/download of 512 bytes
aprox. Therefore depending on your connection to the MusicService
host you may need to adjust the refresh settings.

Reccomended settings for refreshing the status:-
    Connection       Refresh Setting
    ----------       ---------------
    LAN/localhost       1 Second
    Broadband           2 Seconds
    56K                 5 Seconds
    33K                10 Seconds
    POOR!               Manual

Security Notes:
If you want your MusicService to be accessed by the interent
make sure you set a username/password in the config. If you 
don	 do this on installation you can run the config utility 
in the program menus shortcuts. Make sure you configure your
router/firewall to accept connections on the port you 
configured MusicService to listen on.

MusicService is fully protected against path exploits from
hackers, however make sure you carefully chose where you
want the base folder of the music to be, as you don	 want
to give out folders that you don	 need to.

Istallation Instructions:
Extract and run MusicService_Installer.msi.

During installation you will be presented with a window to 
configure the webserver and base path for the music files.

After installation check if all is ok by using a web browser
to view the service. http://yourcomputer:theport

Uninstall Instructions:
-> Control Panel 
-> Add/Remove Programs 
-> MusicService_Installer 
--> [REMOVE]

I don	 know much about GNU and such like. But all I can say is
you may use this program freely but cannot redistribute it or 
change it in any way without my written concent.

This program is brought to you in good faith and has been 
throughly tested. However any damage caused to your system
or network is down to you as you have received this software

Copyright (C) Rich Burnham (CodeBeetle.Com) 2005

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