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Release Notes For : V3.2.0.2

File : ReconLog_V3.2.0.2.zip
Date : 2006-04-13
ReconLog V3 - Presented By A Ritey[WTF]

IP logger/player management/replay saver for GhostRecon v1.4 that 
runs in the system tray.

This version is a complete change from the previous versions in the
way it logs players and enforces bans. Consider this update a security

o    Log Joining Players names with thier Host names and IP Addresses.
o	 Log all IP connecting to GR port. This is to track down hackers.
o    Server can be run in eternal mode (IE: restarts on crash).
o    Remote HTTP Access to Logger Features. (Protected By Username/Password)
o	 Banned IPs are ABSOLUTELY banned from connecting to the game.
o    Kick/Ban/ICMP Ping Players at any time in the game.
o	 Option to make Open Server (IE: any password can enter gr server
	 editor screen.
o	 Option to block gr admin kicks / bans.
o    Change Mod Settings
o    Auto Archive Replays and Missionstats (make sure that gr options set to record games)
o    Compresses Archived Replays and stats file using PKZIP. 
o    Zip files name according to time/map.
o    Edit ban.txt via HTTP Remote Access.
o    Missionstats.htm is save in ReconLogFiles\Stats\YY-MM-DD\HH-MM_MAPNAME.htm (if Replay Archiving is enabled)

System Requirements:
Windows XP 2003
GhostRecon v1.4

1.	Close GhostRecon.
2.	Run ReconLog_Setup.exe
3.	Click the Install button. And follow instructions.
4.	Run GhostRecon and right-click the trayicon, choose settings.
5.	Choose whether you want HTTP access to the logger and what 
	port/username/password is necessary.
6.	Choose the amount of days you want replays to be kept for, or
	choose 0 for no archiving.
7.	Click Save.
8.	Shut down the logger, by right-clicking the trayicon and
	choosing Exit.
	If upgrading then please check all your settings again. They
	may need to be re-entered.

1.	Close GhostRecon.
2.	Run ReconLog_Setup.exe
3.	Click the Remove button. And follow instructions.

You can now create a game on ubi and it will run the server
in dedicated/or normal depending on the settings mode and the 
logger will log joiners ips if the settings specifies it.

==	Replays are only archived when GhostRecon is run with commandline
	options -server, -autoserve EG: when you run it through UBI or other
	game service. And the same goes for the server logging.

ANY PROBS PM ME AT http://ghostaholic.com my username is Ritey[WTF]

Official Download Sites:
And sites where WTF/Elnino members have posted or authorised it.
(Download from elsewhere at your own risk!)

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